letter s wax seal stamp

Even people who could not read recognized the coats of arms or crests of the various authorities who issued such documents, and wax seals bearing those images were attached to these documents, verifying their authenticity. If you were really expecting to read about shoes and ships (or cabbages and kings, for that matter) you will …

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seal letter wax stamp

That most private citizens used red sealing wax, unless they were in mourning, when they used black. The base ingredients were combined, then heated slowly over the lowest possible heat, wax seal letter c since high heat would turn the mixture black. But more often, the melted mixture was poured into molds which might be …

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letter wax stamp set

They offer 3 waxes: a soy wax and two soy blends. We offer you the chance to sign off your documents or seal your envelopes in a totally unique way by putting your unique design onto your seal. Coat buttons are great for this, because they don’t have button holes at the front, which can …

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