harry potter acceptance letter wax seal

DIY Crayon Wax Seal - YouTube In any case you’ll get the best result when using textured stationery (the wax clings easier to rough surfaces and most of ordinary envelopes or papers have flat, smooth surface). If you’d like, you can sand the bottom of the custom wax seal stamp gently to make it perfectly smooth. This will give you a nice, smooth surface to work on. So my sincere advice to you is to wipe a matrix with a bit of cooking oil first, it will prevent your stamp from plugging and give the nice polish to the wax seal placed on paper. Let the wax drip onto the paper where you want the seal to go. Hold the wax in one hand, and a lighter in the other. Important notice: the lighter the colour, the harder it is to produce a final seal without any dark flaws (why that happens – see below). An ordinary match would burn out far too quickly before heating up the wax, so the gas lighter is the cheapest and best solution available. Shop our wax seal products, sealing wax, and stamps today! Once melted, sealing wax solidify in the matter of seconds.

9. After few seconds first drop of wax will fall onto the surface of the letter. To lessen the chances of sticking, let the wax cool for about 30 to 40 seconds first. If you cannot find one, then you can use a crayon instead; just be sure to peel the paper away first. Keeping the seal wax stick close to the flame, hold it directly above the paper. Because you need to hold the stick while its other end melts in a flame, small bits and crumbled pieces will be practically useless, unless you have a special melting pod. You can also use a sealing wax with a candlewick, it’s more expensive, but for some people easier in use (you don’t need two hands to melt the sealing wax and apply it on paper). Depending on type of folding, the place where you’ll put the seal might not be entirely flat (e.g. two opposite edges of a folded sheet), and in that case you’ll need to flat it out to prevent fluid wax from either flowing under the folded piece or flowing down to the lowest area of the paper. You can also use another type of thick glue, such as industrial-strength glue.

This will chill your stamp down, and help the hot glue seal set faster. This would be simplest, I like the very clean lines you get from these waxes as they’re really hard when they set. I don’t care about carving the wax once set, just want clean impressions. Could you use the blue carving wax maybe? You can get it on Amazon, but if you purchase a 55-lb. case through my affiliate link and use my coupon code BLAIZE10 you can get an additional 10% off your order. N.B. These are made to order so please allow up to 5 extra days for despatch and delivery. BW also has waxes with 4-digit numbers, which I have never seen sold by any candle supplier, but you could probably order directly from the manufacturer. It is offered in slabs and pastilles by the manufacturer. Hold the stamp against the wax for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Ignite the lighter, and hold the wax up to it. And what would be a better decoration of such a letter than a wax seal? It’s fun to research how the Victorians and earlier ancestors used wax seals in their letter writing. It comes with fun letters, symbols, emojis, and punctuation marks. This wax comes in slab form. Then you need to use a soft but pointy item to carefully hollow the wax out of the grooves on a matrix. When it’s still warm and congealed, it’s extremely sticky and if you rise the seal stamp too early semi-fluid wax will plug all the little grooves in the matrix of your seal. The sealing wax in it’s normal shape is pretty fragile and crumbles easily, so make sure to use it carefully. Its quality is very good and it’s much cheaper than customised wax seal stamps produced by craftsmen. Old grunge paper, stamps top secret.