letter c wax seal stamp

Children trace over the letter with an oil pastel (they work better than crayons), then paint over the paper with water color paint. If you want, you can paint it a more interesting color. The children trace over the letter with tempera paint. Paint the wax seal stamp using acrylic paint. This should not affect …

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wax letter seal set

This comes in slab and pastille form. It comes in flake form. The light comes from an office where a woman with long black hair is poring over stacks of documents, inputting their data into a spreadsheet. I wasn’t giving those black locks any chance of getting away from me! None of these demands even …

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letter sealing wax uk

In the middle ages, when illiteracy was rife, wax seals were commonly used for things we would use a signature for today, such as authenticating a will or contract – the symbol or crest on your own individual seal guaranteed your identity and integrity, and your acknowledgement of the contents. To say his name will …

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